Ask Something?!?

What I learned today:

1. Don’t feed that one cute squirrel in the park a Dorito. They WILL go tell all their little squirrel friends. I glanced up from the book I was reading about a minute later and I literally had a squirrel posse. I’m sure it was entertaining to all of the people who could see me in the park. I was just sitting there, clutching my legs up on a bench because the squirrels were trying to attack my feet as I ate my Doritos. Pretty cool, eh?

2. Boys are stupid. Pretty self-explanatory.

3. I love crepes more than I even thought I did. I went to a cute little French bistro and had a red wine chicken crepe for dinner. Amazing.

4. I’m such a push-over when it comes to my boss/co-workers asking for me to cover for them. But my last day at CC for the summer will for REAL be on Saturday. And my boss is buying me lunch. Heck yes.

5. Apparently I coyly reject boys and don’t even realize it. A boy today made a freaking website in an attempt to get my phone number. I still didn’t give it to him. Oops. He then asked me to hang out Saturday night and I politely let him know I already have girlfriend plans.

6. Nicholas Sparks ruins my expectations of what a relationship should be (Currently reading The Lucky One)

7. I don’t take compliments well. For some reason I get uncomfortable. I swear it’s not low self-esteem. I just can only sincerely say “thank you” so many times before it gets awkward…

8. I miss my family a lot and can’t wait to get home. My mom is torturing me with it cause she knows I’m so excited.

That’s all. Peace out for the night!

  • 16 May 2012